\\ Training

For those wishing to expand their knowledge of Drupal CMS, we offer several training courses to suit the needs.

Trainings are conducted by specialists from Drupal with several years of experience in developing advanced Internet services. Training takes place at company headquarters in Wroclaw. There is a possibility to conduct training in other places.

Price list in the table below.

Name of the training Description Duration and cost (price per person)
Drupal basics - part I
  • installation
  • basic configuration
  • modules installation
  • Drupal and modules update
  • content management
  • menu management
  • blocks management
  • templates management

6hrs (1 day)

250 euro

Drupal basics - part II
  • taxonomy
  • users management
  • adding new types of content with optional fields - CCK module 
  • modifications of images (ImageCache/Image module)

6hrs (1 day)

250 euro

Drupal Views
  • optional views creation (sites, blocks, RSS channels) – Views module


6hrs (1 day)

225 euro


Themes design
  • Designing templates for Drupal

12hrs (2 days)

500 euro

Drupal for webdevelopers
  • How Drupal works (modules, blocks, menu, templates, hooks)
  • Module writing (files structure, module setting, saving information in database, data validation, setting
  • storage)
  • Hooks and triggers
  • Menu (URL and function mapping, arguments, access control)
  • Working with database
  • Users accounts operations (object $user, hook_user, registration, logging)
  • Content operations (node)
  • Blocks
  • Form API
  • Files operations
  • Taxonomy
  • Cache
  • Jquery
  • Development Best Practices

30hrs (5 days)

1200 euro


Prices in the table apply to the groups of minimum 2 people. In case of training for 1 person, costs increase by 50%.

In case of groups of 4 people and more, prices can be negotiable.

We may organize individual training on selected topic. In such case, please contact us for more details.